Biometric Gun Safes: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Biometric Gun Safe for You


So you want to buy a biometric gun safe.

Sounds cool, right?

But then you start your search and realize there’s a million different options. An entire assortment of different types, sizes, and features out there. Fear not! This guide will help you beat that decision paralysis and have the information you need to make a smart decision and get the biometric gun safe that’s right for you and your situation.

So, welcome, fellow firearm aficionados and security seekers! Kick back and get comfortable as we dive in. Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or just dipping your toes into the world of firearm protection, we've got you covered. Get ready to lock and load your knowledge as we explore the ins and outs of finding your the perfect gun safe to suit your needs.


Background on Biometric Gun Safes

A bit of background – biometric gun safes are the ultimate blend of tech-savvy security and convenience. They’re designed to safeguard firearms using cutting-edge biometric technology. In other words, instead of traditional locks and keys, these safes utilize fingerprint recognition systems to grant access to authorized users. By scanning and verifying fingerprints, biometric gun safes offer quick and secure entry, ensuring that only approved individuals can retrieve the stored firearms. They provide a more convenient and reliable way to protect guns from unauthorized access while still allowing owners rapid access in case of emergency.

Key Features to Consider:

  1. Biometric Brilliance: Picture this—a state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition system granting you access to your arsenal at the swipe of a finger. We're talking about biometric technology that's not only lightning-fast but also as reliable as your trusty sidearm. The key features here that you’re going to want to look for are: high-resolution scanning (this is non-negotiable, regardless of your personal situation) and multiple user capability (this one IS negotiable, depending on whether you have others in your house/personal circles that you want to have access to your safe). In our opinion, having multiple user capability is a must as well, but others have begged to differ.
  2. Fortified Fortress: When it comes to safeguarding your firearms, durability is non-negotiable. Seek out gun safes crafted from heavy-duty steel, complete with pry-resistant doors and tamper-proof hinges. It's not just a safe; it's your personal Fort Knox. Depending on where you live, fireproof and waterproof models may be worth some extra consideration. If you live in a high flood-risk or fire-risk area, it will be worth providing this additional layer of protection for your firearms and valuables.
  3. Size and Capacity: Whether you're storing a single handgun or an arsenal fit for a small militia, size and capacity are key considerations. We won’t dive in too deep on this one–bottom line, opt for a gun safe that can comfortably accommodate your firearms, accessories, ammunition, and any other valuables you need to stash away. Don’t overthink this. If you know you’ll be upgrading your gun collection in the future, it may be worth just jumping to the larger models now, and saving the money over the long run.
  4. Installation Ease: Ain't nobody got time for complicated setups. Look for a biometric gun safe that's a breeze to install, with options for secure mounting to floors or walls. Think pre-drilled holes and hassle-free hardware—it's DIY security at its finest. Not all models come with those holes pre-drilled and mounting hardware included…it’s worth a quick read of the product description before hitting that buy button if you’re wanting to avoid as much of the headache as possible.
  5. Power Play: Battery life and backup access are your lifelines in times of need. Make sure your chosen gun safe boasts reliable battery performance and a failsafe backup plan, be it a spare key or keypad access when the juice runs low.
  6. Bonus Features: Elevate your security game with extra perks like interior lighting, adjustable shelving, and plush padding to keep your firearms snug as a bug in a rug.

Our Top Picks:

You asked, and we delivered! Here are our top picks for all-around winners in the biometric category:

  1. Mid-size Biometric Gun Safe: This bad boy combines cutting-edge biometric tech with military-grade steel construction for top-tier security and durability. With room to spare for multiple firearms and accessories, it's the ultimate guardian of your arsenal.
  2. Biometric Pistol Safe from HOLEWOR: Compact yet mighty, this sleek pistol safe packs a punch with its advanced biometric scanning and rugged build. Perfect for home or on-the-go protection, it's a must-have for any handgun owner. Extra features like LCD Temperature/Humidity Display, USB C port make this the ultimate portable emergency box.
  3. Large Biometric Gun Safe: This one is for the relatively young gun collector. This safe has enough space to store a few rifles and some handguns, but isn't for the apocalypse-ready gun collection. Want something a little bigger? Take a look at number 4 below.
  4. Extra Large Biometric Gun Safe: My veteran collectors and apocalypse minute men—say hello to your new best friend. With ample space for rifles, shotguns, and handguns, this spacious biometric gun safe delivers unmatched peace of mind for the gun-owner who is well into his/her collection.
  5. Non-Biometric Gun Safe: Maybe after doing your research and reading this info-packed article, you're realizing that a biometric safe isn't for you. You want to go the trusty old-fashioned route. This one is in a higher price point, but well worth it if you the most durable, and time tested option. Check out our article coming here next month for more on non-biometric gun safes.

Expert Tips:

  1. Lock It Down: Don't skimp on security. Invest in a biometric gun safe with top-notch features to keep your firearms safe from prying hands.
  2. Size Smart: Assess your storage needs before pulling the trigger on a gun safe. Whether you're packing heat or stocking up for the apocalypse, choose a size that fits your arsenal like a glove.
  3. Reviews Reign Supreme: Dive deep into customer feedback and expert reviews to uncover hidden gems and avoid buyer's remorse.
  4. Bang for Your Buck: Compare prices across different models to score the best deal without compromising on quality.


Your firearms deserve nothing but the best in security and convenience, and a biometric gun safe delivers just that. With our expert guidance and top picks in tow, you're well-equipped to make an informed decision and safeguard what matters most. Lock, load, and protect your arsenal with confidence—it's your right to bear arms responsibly.

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