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Student Driver Sticker | Reusable Magnet

Student Driver Sticker | Reusable Magnet

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  • Readable Design: TopShop's student driver sticker (it's actually a magnet) is crafted with black letters set against a dramatic yellow background color, and uses a large, easy-to-see font.
  • Reflective Magnet: Reflectivity added for low light or night-time driving conditions. The flashing color of the student driver magnet attracts people's attention and ensures people know that the car piloted by a new driver.
  • Weatherproof: Made of high-quality, waterproof and heat-resistant material, the magnet stickers will perfectly withstand any weather conditions of each season. It's strong magnetic strength ensures it will never fall off!
  • Stress Reduction: These magnets provide a clear hint other motorists to stay away from you, thereby saving tailgating and bothersome honking. You will have a better situation to focus on learning how to drive, without having to risk irritating other drivers.
  • Easy to Clean, Removable, and Reusable: Just clean the back of magnet and the vehicle with a damp wash cloth, then allow both to dry before use. The magnetic sign can be removed and reattached anytime. You can easily transfer it to another car when as needed.
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The Cheapest Car Insurance Ever!

Seriously, it's the best investment in safety you could ever make.

Our Favorite Features


Our Student Driver Sticker has large, clear font set in black against a bright yellow background, so that all drivers can quickly know to be patient and give space.


We have made the Student Driver Sticker Magnet functional regardless, of the weather! Rain or shine, day or night, make sure your new driver is kept safe.

Easy to Clean

Just clean the back of magnet and the vehicle with a damp wash cloth, then allow both to dry before use.


Remove and replace anytime! The Student Driver Sticker magnet can be transferred to another car as needed.